Kaden - Vodomìry, s. r. o.

KADEN - VODOMĚRY, s. r. o.

the only manufacturer of home water meters
in the Czech Republic

Our customers can depend on extensive background and technical support of our company during purchasing of new water meters, during their repairs and consequent evaluation.

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Water meter production

We already introduced our first KADEN water meters (types S 020 and S 025) in 1992.

The new types S 040 and S 045 were introduced after these first types in 1993.

The third generation of household water meters marked S 050 and S 055 started being produced in 1996.

Since September of 2000 we are manufacturing water meters that are more resistant, which practically eliminates affecting of running of the meter from the outside. Constant improvements of our products and development of new types secures the good position of the KADEN water meters on the market.

In 2000 we have implemented ISO 9001 quality management system.

We have also introduced new modern technology in our testing laboratory (AMS K51) in 2006; verification of the water meters now goes on automatically. Productivity and accuracy of the whole equipment increased.

Electronic watermeters with remote reading are news for year 2010.

Continuing satisfaction of our customers is our primary objective, and hundreds of thousands of installed KADEN water meters prove a success of our effort.

Reliable products

Reliable products must be made by responsible and dependable people. You can find them in the KADEN - VODOMĚRY company. Everybody has its own responsibility. We can find who made a particular group of the water meters in our quality records. We can always depend on our employees, just like you can always depend on our meters.

Manufacturing of a dependable meter represents utilization of wide scope of knowledge, which is a consequence of long-term experience and systematic work of our team during production and constant improvement of our products.

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Production technology

Requirements of useful characteristics - especially accuracy of measurement, long service life and resistance against outside influences - are already reflected at design stage. We implement CAD systems during design, development and manufacturing; our product documentation is always created and used in a digital form.

We are using only the best materials from foremost European manufacturers, who guarantee the best possible quality.

Modern technologies - state-of-the-art plastic presses with computer control of all parameters, multi-axis CNC machining centers and last, but not least, widespread use of computers at test stations, while verifying the meters in an automatic cycle - all this ensures high quality of our meters and long-term stability of their parameters.

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ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system

We have implemented and constantly use the quality management system, according to the international ISO 9001:2008 standard, as an indivisible part of our products and services quality improvement process. The whole KADEN - VODOMĚRY company went through demanding audit by renowned international company TÜV NORD CERT GmbH Essen, and proved that the level and quality of its work correspond to the quality management system, as it is required by the standard. Based on the above mentioned audit, we were awarded the Certificate no. 04 100 010504 for :

Thus our company fulfills all requirements of the international standards in this area and guarantees quality products on the European level. Our employee team is fully involved in the quality management system and is ready to satisfy wishes and expectations of our customers and business partners.