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Electronic water meters KADEN S 060, S 065

Reliable and Exact measurements

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The water meter KADEN S 065
with radio reading
for warm water

The water meter
with radio reading
for cold water

The electronic water meters KADEN S 060 and S 065 type
with radio reading

is one inlet dry-running compact water meter with electronic counter, sensor function, display function and radio communication. It is intended for measuring of warm or cold water consumption with the constant flow of 1.6 m3/hour and the maximum flow of up to 2 m3/hour.

Type certification according to the Government Directive no. 464/2005Sb (MID), Certificate no: TCM 142⁄09-4706.

The new electronic water meter KADEN with radio reading

enables registering and monitoring of large amount of data about water consumption, consumption time distribution, error states and attempts of unauthorized manipulation with water meters. It allows out of order readings and fulfills all requirements for practical installation.

Radio two-way communication - the Rcom communication protocol

is a newly developed protocol built on the state-of-the-art knowledge about data transfer security. The prospective Rcom protocol is already in use in other devices and will gradually expand to other measuring equipment.

The water meter sends a radio signal only at the moment when asked and thus
does not burden the environment by more radio smog.

The optimal way of reading and processing of data
for a wide range of users

is enabled by its simplicity and openness of the whole system.