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KOVAP Tatra 815 Rallye 1995 Paris - Peking

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How to get from Paris to Beijing? The most known way is by the Tatra 815 with the start number 301. Let's go on an adventurous journey around your apartment with this functional model. With this Tatra 815 you will be able to get on the Paris-Moscow-Beijing journey, in which Mr. Loprais, Mr. Stachura, Mr. Tomeček participated in 1995.
Do you feel the distance, the adrenaline and the desire for victory?

Completely handmade

Our models are completely made by hand.

Since 1950

Thanks to a long-standing tradition, three generations have known our models.

Made in Czech Republic

Completely manufactured in the Czech Republic

Custom models

Small series production of models to order.

Detailed Description

The model of the TATRA 815 Rally Paris-Peking from 1995 is made of printed sheet metal in 1: 43 scale.
The length of the model is 17 cm.