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Terms and Conditions

The company KADEN s. r. o.
Rokolská 126
549 22 Nový Hrádek
ID: 609 309 00 | VAT number: CZ60930900
Phone / fax: 491 478 215
The company is registered in the commercial register maintained by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové in section C, file 5747.

Contact information
Phone: 491 478 215

All prices in our online store are listed including VAT. The prices listed in the e-shop are valid at the time of ordering.

The customer must enter a valid address and other contact information - e-mail, telephone - during the order. With confirmed orders, the customer undertakes to collect the selected goods and to pay the relevant amounts within 5 days of ordering at the latest.

The ordered goods will be delivered as soon as possible by post or other carrier, depending on their availability and the operational capabilities of the supplier, usually within 5 working days from the binding confirmation of the order. We consider the goods delivered by delivery to the address specified by the customer in the agreement.

Transport to the specified address is provided by the supplier, within the territory of the entire Czech Republic. The cost of transporting goods varies depending on the chosen method of transport, the distance and the size of the shipment. The specific method of delivery is chosen by the customer himself. The customer can choose from the following modes of transport:



Česká pošta guarantees delivery throughout the territory of the Czech Republic on the next working day of dispatch.

We will send the parcel to your chosen branch, you can go to the post office and you can pick it up at your leisure. Shipments are usually stored at the post office for 7 days, if you wish to extend the storage date, please contact your post office employee. You will receive information about the storage of your shipment at the post office via SMS/e-mail.

Kit Variant (CZK 99 incl. VAT, cash on delivery/cash on delivery + CZK 36)
Models (CZK 129 incl. VAT, cash on delivery/cash on delivery + CZK 36)


The shipment will be delivered to you by the Czech Post as a "Package to hand". Česká pošta will inform you by SMS and e-mail about the delivery date. The shipment is usually delivered throughout the territory of the Czech Republic within 1-2 working days from the submission of the shipment.

Building kit Variant (CZK 119 incl. VAT, cash on delivery/cash on delivery + CZK 36)
Models (CZK 149 incl. VAT, cash on delivery/cash on delivery + CZK 36)
only serves to send 1 spare part

(CZK 25 including VAT, with advance payment)


When purchasing the goods, the customer chooses only from the delivery points of the shipment in the desired location, and the carrier will deliver it there within a few days. Complaints about purchased goods are also carried out at the branches.

Sending the parcel parcel is the fastest within 2 to 3 days and cheap delivery to the address of the parcel. Opened over 2,000 delivery points throughout the Czech Republic. Delivery of goods to a pre-selected delivery point of the courier company.

As soon as we hand over the goods for shipment, we will immediately send you the shipment by email with the tracking number. Travel your shipment so you can track it online.

After the shipment has been delivered to the pick-up point of your choice, we will send you an SMS and an e-mail with a password. From now on, you can pick it up at any time within 7 days. During the Christmas season, the hive can be period temporarily reduced to 5 days. Using SMS, you can extend the collection period for free up to 21 days.

Models (CZK 85 incl. VAT, cash on delivery/cash on delivery + CZK 36)
Pickup at:
KADEN s.r.o., Rokolská 126, 549 22 Nový Hrádek,
between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m
telephone warehouse/shipment: 491 478 215,
by e-mail:

(CZK 0.00 including VAT)

standard economy package. Delivery time 3 to 5 days. Price 10 Euros.
Warning: the shipment is not transported to the destination in the fastest way.


In the standard course of processing the order, communication between the seller and the buyer takes place via e-mails. The seller sends the following emails:

order summary - at the time of dispatch
information about the shipment of goods - after handing over the shipment to the carrier
the buyer is not obliged to respond to any e-mails during the standard course of processing.

The goods are sent to the customers in intact packaging, which is adapted to the nature of the goods and is protected from damage. The invoice for the goods must be sent electronically to the specified e-mail.


Customer's right of withdrawal
The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract if the supplier does not fulfill the agreed terms of delivery.

Supplier's right of withdrawal
The supplier is entitled to withdraw from the contract only until the moment of dispatch of the goods, and only in case of unavailability of the goods. However, before withdrawing, the supplier is always obliged to contact the customer in order to agree on the next procedure.

Procedure in case of withdrawal from the contract

Given that in the event of withdrawal, the contract is canceled from the beginning, the supplier will return or replace the customer and the customer to the supplier all received performance.
The customer can withdraw from the contract by notifying the supplier of this fact electronically to the e-mail address When withdrawing, it is necessary to state the order number and date of purchase and present the original proof of purchase of the goods.
If the customer has already received and accepted the goods, he will send the goods back to the supplier's premises, where the supplier will assess the condition of the returned goods without undue delay. The goods sent back to the supplier must be in an intact condition, undamaged, complete (including accessories and all documents provided, including proof of purchase).
In the event that the goods are returned to the supplier in a condition other than intact, the customer is obliged to compensate, in particular, the costs related to restoring the goods to their original condition and the resulting damage to the goods. Reimbursement of these costs and damage will take place by the fact that the purchase price, which is returned by the supplier in the event of withdrawal, is correspondingly reduced by these costs and damage.
If the customer meets all of the above conditions for withdrawal from the contract, the supplier will refund the already paid purchase price or part thereof, no later than 30 days after the return of the goods. The supplier returns the funds to the buyer's account after signing the credit note.

The warranty for goods purchased in the online store is governed by applicable laws. The standard warranty period is 24 months, the warranty covers all defects limiting the possibility of proper use of the goods. However, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Complaints are reported in one of the following ways:

a) by email to
b) by registered letter to the address:

KADEN s. r. o.
Rokolská 126
549 22 Nový Hrádek