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Collector's club

In 2021, we founded the Collectors Club, which provides those interested with the certainty that they will not miss out on buying any oof the planned models. In addition, each is model is marked with a collector's number. This creates unique collections for everyone who loves our products.

By appointment, a club member has the opportunity to visit our factory and view the entire production process of Tatra models.

All models are in 1:43 scale.

2021 models

1. TATRA Force 790R74 12x6.2
2. TATRA 815 4x4 VSV
3. TATRA FORCE 732R33 6x6.1 Design of Australian firefighters trucks.
4. TATRA Force 8x8 Version for transporting dangerous materials for pyrotechnics of the Police of the Czech Republic


1. TATRA Dino 8x8
2. TATRA 815-7 4x4.1R CAS 30
3. TATRA T815-7T3R41 8×8.1R CAPL-16M1
4. TATRA 815 4×4 TERRNo1 CAS 24


1. TATRA 815 TPL
2. TATRA 815-7 6x6.1 THT Senegal
3. TATRA Prototype 162 6x6.1
4. TATRA 815 CAS32T Police


1. TATRA T 815 4x4.2 CAS 30 Senegal
2. TATRA 815-2 S1D Důlní sklápěč
3. TATRA Prototyp 162 6x6 "čumáková"
4. TATRA 815 VT 8x8.1 "TOTAL"