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Variant toy kit

Product code: 04262
€ 39.93
€ 33.00 without VAT
In stock

A classic kit that has accompanied 3 generations of small and large builders. Now in a new package.The kit can be tested directly through the packaging. It consists of 280 pieces made in the Czech Republic from high-quality flexible plastics.

Completely handmade

Our models are completely made by hand.

Since 1950

Thanks to a long-standing tradition, three generations have known our models.

Made in Czech Republic

Completely manufactured in the Czech Republic

Custom models

Small series production of models to order.

Detailed Description

Polytechnická stavebnice dílů z plastické hmoty. Široká možnost různých sestav podle přiloženého návodu i vlastní fantazie.
Stavebnice Variant obsahuje kompletní sadu dílů včetně  přislušenství (2 ks ozubených kol s rětězem z 50ti článků).